Colombia - Nemecio's Honey

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The Details 

Varietal Colombia 
Process Red Honey, 30 hour controlled ferment in cherry 
Producer Nemecio Borda 
Farm  El Volcan 
Region  Rondan, Boyacá
Country  Colombia 
Altitude  1720 masl 
Dried Over 8 days, in Elda 
In the cup we find  Juicy, sweet, delicate 


The Vibe: 

Delicate and lively, this beauty tips its hat to the classic profile while at the same time leaving it behind. Approachable, yet nuanced, this coffee is there for you whenever you need it. 


The Story: 

Boyacá. Not the most common region associated with specialty coffee. That is something bound to change. High altitudes, super rich soils, a multitude of microclimates and a close proximity to Bogotá make this area a veritable treasure trove of delicious coffees.

This coffee comes to us from Nemecio Borda. His farm, El Volcan, is outside of Rondon. This coffee is honey processed, which means the mucilage of the cherry is left on the seed after is has been depulped, often imparting sweetness into the cup.

This coffee is great example of the potential of traditional Colombian varietals, in this case Colombia. No, not the country. The varietal, Colombia, was genetically engineered by the FNC in the 1980s as a response to curtail the infamous leaf rust, and shows great potential for a damn fine cup of coffee as seen here. The additional ferment in cherry also goes a long way to develop a little complexity. 

Bunna Specialized Coffee is responsible for bringing us this gem and we are excited to see more from Nemecio, and Boyacá in the future. 


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