Colombia - Ervin's Semiwashed

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The Details 

Varietal  Caturra & Colombia 
Process Semiwashed, one ferment of 12 hours in cherry, one after pulping of 18 hours
Producer  Ervin Liz and Family 
Farm  El Pedregal 
Region Tierradentro, Cauca
Country  Colombia 
Altitude  1850 masl
Dried  In raised beds over 18 days
In the cup we find Sweet, rich, complex


The Vibe 

Simply complex in the best of ways this coffee is the warm hug everybody needs these days. With a rich spiced sweetness, and a lively fruitiness, this is a coffee to be marveled at by specialty coffee lovers and, well, everyone else too. 


The Story 

With a single hectare farm in the mountains of Tierradentro, Cauca, Ervin Liz and his fam bring you this delight. The farm is plastered with shade giving trees, making for some slow cherry development - could be one reason why this coffee is so dang sweet. Another reason could be the two individual ferments these cherries see; one in cherry for 12 hours and another after being depulped. It is then left to dry with most of the mucilage on the seed, hence the wording "semiwashed". 

I first met Ervin at a public cupping in Bogota a few years back, and I am excited to begin working with him. He has a company, the Colombian Coffee Connection, where he sells both roasted coffee to local markets and green and roasted coffee to international markets. 


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