Not Wasting Coffee (print)

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⚡️ Winner of the 2019 Sprudgie Award for Best Coffee Writing! ⚡️

In 2019 I started an Instagram account called @wastingcoffee. It's a humor page that doubles as a community forum for exchanging tips on reducing waste in the coffee industry. One thing led to another, and I ended up writing a book!

The Italian equipment manufacturer Faema helped me create the book by subsidizing some of the costs, and generously hosting the release event at their pop-up cafe in New York City. With huge thanks to Faema, I'm super excited to offer the book here on my webshop!

In The @wastingcoffee Guide To Not Wasting Coffee, I have collected, curated and expanded upon the conversations taking place on my coffee sustainability platform @wastingcoffee.

It's more than just tips on re-using batch brew - although you'll find some great ones! The book introduces a holistic operational approach to reducing waste and lowering costs, while improving quality, customer experience, and team morale.

We begin by exploring the green coffees that roasteries choose to purchase and from there move into roasting, brewing, the math behind extraction yield, barista training, latte art throwdowns, and more. I got to speak with a wide array of amazing coffee professionals, including many that I lowkey idolize, and their thoughts and perspectives are shared throughout the book.

Not Wasting Coffee is both a practical reference and an interesting cover-to-cover read. It is *packed* with actionable information and the first half of the book doubles as a comprehensive reference on extraction for baristas of all experience levels. I'm super excited for everyone to read it!

Kat Melheim of Coffee People Zine created the layout for this book, and the beautiful cover illustration is by Chris Hulsizer.
- Umeko