Colombia - Giraldo's Pink Bourbon

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The Details 

Varietal  Pink Bourbon 
Process Washed, with 36 hour controlled fermentation
Producer  Giraldo Mosquera 
Farm  La Fortaleza 
Region  Acevedo, Huila
Country  Colombia 
Altitude  1650 masl
Dried  In marquesina over 24 days
In the cup we find Bright, clean, vibrant 


The Vibe

If this coffee sang opera, it would sing soprano. That is to say, this coffee simply shines. Brilliant acidity coupled with a rich sweetness and a body on the delicate side, this coffee just might leave you speechless in its song...

The Story: 

This coffee has been curated by Diego Ospina, of Bunna Specialized Coffee. We first met Diego at a coffee shop in the Candelaria area of Bogota. He was working as a barista then, and his passion for both coffee and service were immediately apparent. He has since changed his role into green buyer, focusing on connecting producers and roasters within Colombia. 

He has been working with the producer, Giraldo Mosquera for one year. Giraldo's farm is located in Acevedo, Huila, in southern Colombia. This area in particular has seen an explosion of experimental post-harvest processes, and Giraldo's Pink Bourbon is a great example of this. With a 35 hour fermentation in grainpro, followed by a classic washed process, this coffee leans into the wild side yet keeps nice and clean.


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