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A Statement of Intent

It's important to acknowledge that Sauce, and inherently the entire C.C. Peaceman family would not exist without the passion, talents, skills, work and culture that has been the direct product (whether offered from a BIPOC perspective or stolen and bastardized via Hollywood) of BIPOC. Our main channel has taken the drivers seat over the past couple of weeks, but that's not to say Sauce has been without thought. Quite contrary. It's important that I take time to acknowledge the change in names and the reasoning behind the moves. Lovecraft was very much a play on a name that spoke to my love of, well.. craft. The only screaming issue here was my lack of foresight in doing the work to make sure I was using associations that don't glamourize negative history. H.P. Lovecraft was an outspoken racist, and I acknowledge the privilege involved in not taking the time to ensure this mistake, however innocent, had never been made. 

Sauce was a way to share something magical, through the possibilities of the main reason for everything we stand for- coffee. The lacklustre response from our industry has caused a lot of early morning contemplation about transparency in supply chains, history lessons, and a very deep introspective dive into the 'why' that has always BEEN a question for me surrounding margins in retail and f&b. When the roots of colonialism are so entangled in your entire history in business, it's easy to lose sight of intention to make sure you are creating margins that benefit you, first. It's lead to a lot of soul searching and a lot of tears about the realities we are still continuing to perpetuate with a lot of our buying practices and the mindset of 'spend the least, make the most'. You'll notice some fairly significant price drops across the board- this was not in an effort to push sales by any stretch, and that's why we didn't announce it on our social channels. The fact is, Sauce is a product of popular culture and coffees magnificence. It was never created to be an inaccessible product, but the lessons I have had the privilege of not really unpacking in business- they're serving an idea and a system that I just don't believe in. The price drop reflects how it should be. C.C. Peaceman is and always has been a community first operation, with focus on creating space to be seen as a human and not a dollar bill. Sauce is for everyone. If you would like to understand our pricing structures, ask about the coffees we use, roasters we work with, etc. do not hesitate to reach out. Good Coffee should be for everyone, not just those who have $5 to drop on a coffee every day. We have all played into allowing this toxic dynamic to snowball because it's always been the easier option, but we don't believe it's impossible to continue to do meaningful work just because we've cut our margins to what feels a little more balanced in terms of a supply chain profit allocation while we work to build more meaningful relationships. We are just a mere carrier/vessel to share the stories of these beautiful marvels of agriculture. We intend to grow lasting, MUTUALLY beneficial partnerships and are dedicated to holding up our end of that both financially and personally; both in our community and at origin. What's the point of chasing a concept that serves to perpetuate this monstrous mess we've made?

With love and dedication,

C.C. Peaceman